Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mid-Autumn Festival and a beach barbecue

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the great events in and around China. It was no different here in Hong Kong. Classes were cancelled for the day and local students were free to go home and enjoy the festival with their families. Lights were everywhere, and mooncakes abound. That night, I joined a bunch of exchange students from my school to go to a Mid-Autumn Lantern festival in Tin Hau (on Hong Kong island).

There were a ton of people.
A glowy dome made entirely of recycled materials.

All the pretty glowy animals
And glowy people

Can you spot the full moon?
All in all, it was an incredible affair that you definitely can't experience in the States.

That weekend, I was invited to a beach barbecue out in the New Territories. After taking a metro line all the way to the end, we went shopping for food to grill.

Getting all the food to the beach required a group effort.

And then we grilled!
Although I wasn't feeling all that well, it didn't change the fact that the food was absolutely delicious. Judging by all the public barbecuing pits along the beachfront, family and group outings for beach barbecues is a very regular occurrence around here. All the public ones were jam-packed,  so we had to pay to use one.

After stuffing ourselves full, we proceeded to kick off and enjoy the beach.

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