Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Solo Adventuring in Central, PolyU Sports Festival and Hiking along a Dragon's Back

I had a free Wednesday, so I figured a long-overdue visit to Victoria's Peak was in order. This mountain that overlooks all of Kowloon is actually across the water on Hong Kong Island. There are buses and roads that lead to the top, but the most popular option was by the Peak Tram.

A short 10 minutes of intense uphill traversing later, I arrived at the station at the top, which was built into a massive mall with a bunch of stores, including a...

The roof of the building had the best view (although I had to pay to see it).

If I looked closely, I could find my school.
The view to the other side had less buildings but just as good a view.

Across the water is Macao...?
While at the top, I noticed an interesting looking building.

So I went to check it out.

Lion roar!
After that, I descended the mountain. With some last bit of wandering around a park, I concluded my day in Central.

Fountains are always nice.

Every year, Hong Kong PolyU holds a school-wide festival in which all the different clubs and sports teams try to draw in new members. The choir clubs set up speakers and sang outside the buildings, the hiking clubs displayed pictures of different club trips, and the martial arts teams showed off their jump-kicking skills.

As a temporary member of the karate team, I wanted to join in with the performances, but I unfortunately had a small cold I was getting over. It was definitely fun to watch everybody get hyped though.

The next day, I managed to make a full recovery and decided to go hiking to celebrate. Like most of my time spent so far in Hong Kong, the weather was absolutely beautiful (and maybe on the hot side), and so the views proved to be just the same.

 To the dragon's back!
The water was blue.
The view ahead.
And the mountains were green.
The view behind.
Ah, nature.
All in all, the hike took about 3 hours, and really wasn't that hard. I definitely recommend it for some fairly light but sweat-inducing adventuring outside the city. My hiking mates and I celebrated the end of our fun journey with some delicious ramen.

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