Thursday, September 5, 2013

Arrival in Hong Kong

Traveling from Tokyo to Hong Kong involved an early morning departure from Ebina to Narita airport and a short stop in Shanghai. Everything went as expected, and after arriving at the airport in Hong Kong, I made my way by airport shuttle to a very nice hotel. And so, I spent my first night in luxury, and went promptly to sleep.

I must admit, my next few days were a bit of a disaster.

The morning after arriving, I went to go meet the person from whom I was supposed to rent a room for the semester. We had a pleasant conversation, and it was decided that I would move in that afternoon after my school orientation.

I made my way to my school of the semester; Hong Kong Polytechnic University. There I met many exchange students from around the world also studying at PolyU. We went out to have (a very delicious) lunch, we came back to the orientation session.

Disaster struck, however, when I got a message from the renter saying that she was no longer willing to host me. Needless to say, I was in a bit of a panic as I had just lost a place to stay from that night onward. The school was very helpful in helping me to find temporary affordable housing.

I spent the next few nights in a hotel until I managed to secure a room for the semester.

Now I'm living in a very nice apartment on the sixteenth floor. The night view is incredible.

Admittedly, having to go 45 minutes by train or bus to class is somewhat of a hassle, but it is manageable.

Anyway, onto adventures! Hong Kong is an absolutely beautiful city, especially at night. My first day of wandering, I managed to get lost and found myself walking along a street of shops selling cacti and flowers. Nearby was bird garden where there were hundreds of birds squawking loudly in their cages.

It was pretty stinky.
After some aimless meandering, I got back on track and met up with a few newly made friends. We went on a short walk around Tsim Sha Tsui, which is a region of Kowloon with a ton of high end brand stores.

That night, we decided to meet up with several other exchange students at a rooftop garden. I couldn't stop staring at the night view.

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